Ronnie Wood Used Cocaine Suppositories

By McCarton Ackerman 10/25/12

The Rolling Stone is now clean, but his drug use wasn't, says former bandmate Rod Stewart.

Drugs? These two? Nuh-uh! Photo via

Former Rolling Stones member Ronnie Wood would once go to any lengths to get high, according to Rod Stewart, who was in The Faces, along with Wood, from 1969-1975. During that time, Wood's cocaine use had done so much damage to his nose that he sought out an alternate point of entry for the drug, says his former bandmate. "We'd put it a little pill, like a French do, and put it in a suppository. We did that for a little while," recalls Stewart. Wood has bounced in and out of rehab numerous times throughout his life and is open about being a recovering drug addict and alcoholic: he detailed his addictions in his 2007 memoir, Ronnie. The guitarist, who says he's been clean and sober ever since his most recent rehab stint in 2010, is looking forward to playing his first drug-free shows in years when the Stones perform for their 50th anniversary later this year. Staying sober on the road should be a little easier now; Wood reveals in Rolling Stone that fellow bandmate Keith Richards has cut back on his boozing. "Keith is a pleasure to play with now. It was a pain on the last tour, toward the end, because he was really going for it on the drinking and denial," he says. "Now he's realized that he has gotta look after himself. I'm not going to preach to him. I will step in if I see any danger."

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