Fears For Mitt Romney's Family in Mexico

By Luke Walker 01/25/12

The Mexican branch of the Romney clan has reason to hope Mitt doesn't antagonize the cartels.

Meredith Romney, who was kidnapped
in 2010.
Photo via

Members of Mitt Romney’s extended family in a Mormon colony in Mexico have reportedly been living in fear of the threat of violence from local drug gangs. Romney has 35 relatives in Mexico in a region controlled by the Sinaloa Cartel. His great-grandfather Park Romney—who had five wives—fled to Mexico in 1885 to avoid US anti-polygamy laws. The Mexican Romney clan has since lived peacefully as farmers and ranchers, but when Mitt stepped onto the national political stage, things began to change. Romney's anti-drug stance has apparently earned the animosity of Mexican cartels, and some his political advisers are said to be concerned that he may end up with “blood on his hands.” The candidate's cousin, 70-year-old Meredith Romney, was kidnapped in 2010 and held prisoner in a cave for three days before being ransomed. “I just figured my time was up—I later found out they’d kidnapped 18 people and killed 14 of them,” he said after his release. While the US has a longstanding anti-drug policy, sources suggest that Romney’s position will still be seen as provocative. One informant is quoted saying that Romney’s candidacy “will infuriate Lora,” referring to Joaquin Guzman Lora, known as El Chapo, who heads the Sinaloa Cartel and is one of the world’s most wanted men.

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