Romania's Prime Minister Is a Facebook Addict

By Bryan Le 03/21/13

"I am addicted to Internet, to Facebook," PM Victor Ponta writes on his Facebook page.

The Prime Minister is powerless. Photo via

Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta admits that he is addicted to the Internet, but he has no intention of quitting. Ponta says his dependency on Facebook, email, and texting helps him to communicate with his cabinet members, many of whom are of a younger generation. “I am addicted to Internet, to Facebook," he wrote in a message on his Facebook page, "I often communicate with ministers via email or SMS. It is the Government with the lowest average age in the history of Romania, so many of the ministers are connected this way.” Ponta has previously expressed his dependence on digital communications, claiming he'd be in deep trouble if anyone were to take away his tablet and cell phone. On his public Facebook page, which has racked up almost 78,000 likes, the PM frequently shares photos from meetings and trips, comments on the news, and congratulates Romanians for their sports victories. He also has a personal page, where he posts photos from his childhood. If Ponta is addicted to the site, as he claims, he's hardly unique: a recent study found that about 350 million people are actually suffering from "Facebook Addiction Disorder" or FAD. The social networking site currently exceeds 1 billion active users, and frequent usage has been linked to feelings of inadequacy, social anxiety and psychosis. If you think you might be suffering from Facebook addiction, you can take this test to find out.

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