NASA's Cocaine Conundrum

By Donel DeFreese 03/24/11
A cocaine mystery at NASA Photo via ccnow

It’s well known that alcohol’s effects are intensified when you drink at high altitudes because of the decrease in oxygen. So how fucked up would someone get doing hard drugs in the zero gravity of space?  That’s what officials at NASA were wondering after they found over four grams of coke at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This isn’t the first time drinking and drugs have been an issue for NASA: In January 2010, cocaine was found in the space shuttle Discovery’s hangar, and there have been reports of astronauts getting drunk just before takeoff. And let’s not forget that Buzz Aldrin already told us that space travelers often like getting a little spaced out. Let’s just hope it never comes to the needle and the spoon, and a trip to the moon.

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