Rob Ford Video Game 'Crackathon' Is Launched

By David Konow 04/11/14

Made for the fun of it, Crackathon has lit up the web brighter than Rob Ford's cheeks.

That's a lotta crack! Photo via

When it comes to Toronto mayor Rob Ford, it’s easy to poke fun since the jokes seem to write themselves. And now the joke continues, as the infamous Mayor of Toronto has his very own game called Crackathon.

It goes without saying this hasn’t been launched by Nintendo or any legit video game company, so don’t expect to see it in the local Game Stop. But by now just about everyone has played the game that the New York Daily News has called “outrageously addictive.” The goals of the game? Make sure Ford doesn’t get impeached and rack up so-called party points by collecting crack pipes, pot, and bottles of booze.

Like any good video game, you have to dodge a lot of foes, and in this case it’s reporters with cameras and the police. You collect party points while pushing your way through clouds of crack smoke. The game also features real soundbites from Ford himself, including “Probably in one of my drunken stupors,” “I did absolutely nothing wrong,” and “Get off the property!” If the screen flashes the message that you’ve been impeached, that means game over.

While not the first Rob Ford game - there's also Flappy Ford and Stay Mayor - Crackathon was created by two engineering students from the University of Waterloo, Nick Mostowich and Chris Ngan. The game was created in sixteen hours, and as Mostowich pointed out on Reddit, Crackathon “is not supposed to be taken seriously…Cheers and happy cracking!”

Play Crackathon here.

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