Rob Delaney Tells Addicts to Have Hope

By May Wilkerson 07/17/13

After another celebrity tragedy, the comic reminds people it is possible to beat addiction.

Go over your battle plans, addicts. Photo via

Following the death of Cory Monteith last weekend, comedian Rob Delaney has posted a message on Tumblr urging people not to be fatalistic about addiction. Delaney says he is disheartened by responses to a message he tweeted on Sunday: "Love to Cory Monteith. If drugs/alcohol are killing you, there is help available. I got sober 11 yrs ago at 25. It can be done." But some responded by claiming that rehab "doesn't work" and pointing out that the 31-year-old Glee actor, who is confirmed to have died from alcohol and heroin, did try to get help. "I sensed a fatalism in some of the replies I received from people, suggesting they believe that some folks are destined to OD and die," writes Delaney, 36. He calls addiction a "brutal, cunning, shapeshifting enemy," but says it's not unbeatable. "I’ve seen people from every walk of life kick it in the fucking mouth," he writes, "But if you want to beat it, you must ACKNOWLEDGE ITS STRENGTH and work out in your basement every day, including weekends and holidays, and then when you encounter it on a country road or a city street corner or a weekend barbecue or a subway platform, beat its fucking skull in before it gets the chance to do the same to you." The comedian and writer says that a death like Monteith's serves as a reminder to him and his "survivor friends" to step up their game: "We go over the battle plans a FIVE-HUNDREDTH time, figure out where our dead friend that we love and mourn deviated, and we prepare to greet the coming day in a manner that will give something other than our addictions a fair shot at killing us."

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