Research Institute on Addictions to Study Custom Alcohol Treatment Methods

By Brent McCluskey 06/18/15

Researchers hope to find the most effective treatment programs for patients diagnosed with alcohol use disorder.

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The Research Institute on Addictions recently received a $3 million grant to explore various custom-tailored alcohol treatment strategies in order to achieve better treatment outcomes.

When an addict first walks into rehab, there are a variety of factors at play contingent on how long it has been since their last drink. RIA plans to develop various treatment plans based on patients’ drinking behavior in the last 30 days.

“Previous studies show that if a person decreases or abstains from drinking prior to entering a formal treatment program, it can have significant effect on their treatment success,” said Paul Stasiewicz, senior research scientist and director of RIA’s Clinical Research Center. “This grant will explore a number of tailored treatment approaches to determine which works best for people in relation to their drinking behavior one month prior to seeking help.”

The grant affords the research team five years of study and Stasiewicz hopes to recruit more than 200 participants, each of which will be placed in a different program based on their drinking patterns.

Stasiewicz believes the research will yield crucial data that will reveal which treatment programs are most effective for the varying types of patients diagnosed with alcohol use disorder.

While the study is experimental, Stasiewicz is confident that their well-trained staff of professionals will provide much-needed help to the participants.

“We have an excellent and experienced staff of therapists and researchers in our Clinical Research Center who are extremely skilled and compassionate,” said Stasiewicz.

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