Video: News Anchor Gets Revenge on Drunk Videobomber

By Bryan Le 02/01/13

A quick-witted reporter humiliates a drunk sports fan who interrupts her live broadcast.

Note to drunks: Don't mess with Sanchez.
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A bold news anchor in the Big Easy got her revenge on a drunken reveler who interrupted her newscast, by humiliating the woman on camera. In the video (below), Jessica Sanchez is covering drunken stragglers—whom she refers to as "zombies"—roaming the streets during Super Bowl preparations in New Orleans, when an intoxicated woman yells into the camera, “Hey, local news! I'm from California. 49-ers!” In a lightning quick comeback, Sanchez invites the partier to be interviewed—about her involvement in a local scourge of STDs. “How long have you had an STD?” Sanchez asks the drunk woman, who recoils in surprise. When the interrupter denies having an STD, Sanchez insists: “it's nothing to be ashamed of.” The embarrassed reveler leaves, but not without offering a quick suggestion to viewers: "condoms!" Sanchez then says, “anyways so I've been taking care of, yeah, THAT in my own little way,” before continuing her report. Some viewers have applauded her sassy move while others have called it immature and unprofessional.

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