Nine Reasons to Go to Rehab Today

By Brian Whitney 08/19/15

Go to rehab. You need to go. Sooner or later it has to happen. Things have been slipping away for a while now, and everything is almost gone.


You don’t want to go to rehab. No one does. It is scary to be away from those you love. It is depressing to think about living in austere conditions and giving up pieces of your freedom. Worst of all, if you go to rehab, you will have to give up your addiction—and how terrifying is that? Who would you be if you weren’t a drunk or an addict?  

But one thing is for sure to you and to those around you. You need to go. Sooner or later it has to happen—things have been slipping away for a while now, and everything is almost gone. You’ve been procrastinating for as long as you could. You had a good run, but your bag of tricks is almost empty and you need help. You need help now. Today.

Here are nine reasons that you need to go to rehab today. 

1. If You Go to Rehab Today, You Might Stay Alive.

Addicts and alcoholics die with more frequency than the rest of the population. In fact, people die all the time because of substance abuse. If you don’t die, substance abuse can lead to harming oneself, or to making bad decisions that put one in dangerous situations. If you want to save your life—and your family, friends and loved ones hope that you do—going to rehab could save your life. At the very least, it could offer you a pattern interrupt, and slow your slide. Things might seem hopeless now, but deep inside, you want to live.

2. Going To Rehab Today Will Surround You With Other People Trying to Get Help.

Your friends either encourage you to keep using, or they don’t understand why you can’t quit. You went to AA, or NA a few times, but you just sat there in the back and felt uncomfortable and didn’t know what to say.

At rehab, you might sit there and not know what to say for a little while. But guess what? You, and a bunch of other people, are going to be there for days, weeks, or maybe even months, working on getting clean and getting your life back on track.

You probably thought you were the only one who acts the way you do, but you aren’t. Your experiences are not unique. And at rehab, you will meet, and probably become close to, many people that share your experiences and can help you move forward in your life.

3. Going to Rehab Today Will Save You Money.

You probably think the cost of rehab is ridiculous. How could you possibly spend that much on going to rehab? Even if insurance is covering most of it, are they crazy? 

You will probably find that rehab pays for itself several times over—sometimes even within the first year of recovery. If you stay clean for years, you can look back at the money you saved, and the cost of rehab will be trivial.

You have to dig deep when it comes to how much your addiction costs you. It is more than just the dollars spent on your substance of choice. You have to account for all sorts of extra things that cost you indirectly, such as missing days of work, losing out on a promotion, the loss of equity in a home through divorce, and so on. When in recovery, you will be shocked at how much you will save. You will become more productive, and that means more cash.

4. Going to Rehab Today Can Help Save Your Relationships.

I know, I know. One doesn’t go to rehab to save your marriage, or your connection with your kids, or your family. You do it for yourself. But with that said, one of the best things that can happen as a result of going to rehab is that it can be the start of rebuilding the relationships that your addiction has been tearing apart.

You have been hurting your friends and family members deeply due to your addictive behaviors. In rehab, you can begin to try to examine how you have hurt others. This is painful, of course, but it truly is a gift to be able to rebuild relationships with your loved ones, and to see them begin to trust you again.

5. Going to Rehab Today Can Help You Gain Insight Into Yourself.

Why are you an addict? Why did you start in the first place? Why can’t you stop? What happened in your life, in your mind, your body and in your heart that got you where you are today?

Having the ability to step back from your life and try to figure things out is a gift. When you go to rehab, you are surrounded by professionals that can help you figure out who you are and why you do what you do. Once you put that puzzle together, things get a lot easier.

6. Going to Rehab Today Can Help You Deal with Difficult Situations.

Lots of things come up in life that are difficult to deal with, even more so when one is dealing with addiction. Tragedies happen more than any of us would like. Even in day to day life, a lot of addicts have trouble fitting in and have difficulty being in social situations, being at work, or even dealing with stress at home. Being unable to handle difficult  situations may have been one of the reasons you began using in the first place. You also may be reclusive because what you are doing is illegal. At rehab, you can learn about how to be more compassionate and how to handle your emotions better.

7. Going to Rehab Today Can Help You Detox Safely.

Some addicts believe that they can go cold turkey and detox alone. Don’t be one of them. In rehab, the entire process is closely monitored by nurses and physicians that specialize in drug detox. A physician can prescribe medications, which minimize withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings, and make detox more comfortable. You may also receive nutritional supplements, pain relievers and other non-addictive medication to address your needs.

Not going cold turkey is also about staying committed to your program of recovery. When temptations inevitably arise, being safe in a rehab can keep you on track and get you over what you are going through.

8. Going to Rehab Today Can Get You Out of Trouble.

This is the most cynical reason to go to rehab today, but it is a reason nonetheless. Going to rehab after being arrested or being put on suspension at your job can be a very effective way to do some damage control.

With that said, you still have to do the work and get clean. No one likes someone who is faking it, and if you go to rehab for this reason and fail, things will go even worse for you than they would have before. So if you do go to rehab for this reason, at least man up, do the work and get healthy as a result.

9. Going to Rehab Today Could Give You Back Your Life.

Isn’t that reason enough to go today? The way you are living isn’t cool anymore. It never was, but now it is worse than ever. I was terrified when I went to rehab seven year ago, but it was the start of a new life of honesty and of peace. You might think you will miss your life now, but you won't.

Going to rehab is more than just money, getting out of trouble or saving relationships. It truly is everything. You will get yourself back if you go. Yes, it sucks. No, you don’t want to go. But if even one of these reasons apply to you, figure out a way to get help. Don’t say how hard it will be, how you can’t afford it, or how it will freak you out. Go.

Brian Whitney is a pseudonym for an author and ghostwriter, his book Raping the Gods is available in the Spring of 2015. He last wrote about Sarah Hepola.

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