Rehab Alum's Mom Defends Dr. Drew From Mary Karr

By Hunter R. Slaton 05/28/13

A mother whose son was helped by Dr. Drew objects to the author's harsh words in a Fix interview last week.

Drew under fire. Photo via

In an exclusive interview last week on The Fix, Lit memoirist Mary Karr had strong words for shows like A&E's Intervention. But she saved her harshest criticism for Dr. Drew Pinsky and his recently canceled reality TV franchise Celebrity Rehab. "Dr. Drew should be shot," said Karr. "Small wonder that everybody on 'Celebrity Drug House' or whatever it is would like to blow their fucking brains out." But not everyone shares her sentiments. Addiction advocate Denise Mariano wrote to The Fix to say that she found the interview "a tough read" and declare her support for Dr. Drew, stating that Rehab With Dr. Drew (a non-celebrity season of the show that aired last year) helped her addicted son, Michael Mariano, when no one else could. "Had my son not been chosen, I truly think he would not be here today," she tells us. "I also know that the show saved many more lives by raising awareness. There are many children and young adults who did watch the struggles of these young patients last season. My son receives emails and messages continually which express that watching his story inspired them to go to treatment." Mariano adds that Dr. Drew and drug counselor Bob Forrest have stayed in touch with her son since the show went off air: "Just recently, my son was struggling—not a relapse, but he felt the need to talk to someone. His first choice was Dr. Drew, who picked up his cell and they had a lengthy conversation and he referred Michael to a doctor in the cognitive behavioral field."

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