Recovering Anorexics Found Project HEAL

By Valerie Tejeda 06/29/12

Two young women who met in an eating disorder clinic found a non-profit to help others.

Liana and Kristina want to help those who can't
afford treatment.
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Two college students who bonded while in treatment together for anorexia, have founded a non-profit called HEAL to fund treatment for others suffering from eating disorders. Back in 2006, Liana Rosenman, 21, and Kristina Saffron, 20, met in an eating disorder treatment facility in Long Island, New York. During treatment and afterwards, they leaned on each other for support—often helping each other stick to their diet plans and resist counting calories. Now Rosenman, who's studying special education at Hofstra Univeristy in New York, and Saffron, who's studying psychology at Harvard, are healthy and in recovery—and working to help others recover through the non-profit organization they founded: Project HEAL (Help to: Eat, Accept, and Live), which they founded along with a friend, Becky Allen. The women have raised over $180,000 through fundraisers, donations, and grants—so far, they have sent seven women and girls to top of the line eating disorder programs. "We were really lucky in that our insurance paid for most of our treatment, and our parents could pay the rest," says Kristina. "But we saw people who really wanted it and couldn't afford it and ended up relapsing. So one day, we were talking, sort of idealistically, and we said, 'We should do something,' and we planned our first fundraiser." Project HEAL now has ten chapters at colleges across the US.  Says Rosenman: "Seeing that we really can give someone their life back—that makes it all worth it."

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