The Real World Cast Stages an Intervention

By McCarton Ackerman 08/23/12

This season on the boozy MTV show, the cast confronts Robb over his drinking and self-harm.

The cast is worried about Robb. Photo via

MTV's The Real World, where people "stop being polite, and start getting real," has historically been a hotbed of substance abuse. And the current season, which is being filmed in St. Thomas, is the latest to feature a cast member whose downward spiral—perhaps abetted by cameras, drama and unlimited booze—steals the focus of the show. During last night's episode, the entire cast staged an intervention for cast member Robb over his excessive drinking and self-damaging behavior that's included drinking every day, stubbing cigs out on his arm and punching himself in the face. Fellow cast member Brandon pointed out that "drinking is a downer" for Robb and usually the start of his self-harm. But while the 21-year-old agreed to get help for his self-harm issues, he made no plans to stop drinking. "I don’t think, you know, I’m an alcoholic. I think I just drink too much. Appreciate you guys coming out here, though," he said during the intervention. This isn't the first time a Real World cast has intervened over a cast member's substance abuse. Ruthie Alcaide was confronted during Real World: Hawaii after being hospitalized due to alcohol poisoning and driving drunk, while Joey Kovar of Real World: Hollywood was also given an intervention over his drinking. Kovar, who left mid-season to attend rehab for alcohol abuse and later appeared on Celebrity Rehab, died last week due to a suspected overdose of Viagra, alcohol and cocaine.

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