Video: The Real Anonymity Break

By Anna David 08/01/11

The Housewives reach a new level of cattiness in tonight’s reunion episode when Ramona outs Jill as an AA member.

Ramona and Jill battle over booze Photo via

As viewers can attest, The Real Housewives is not a sandbox where the kids play nicely. Still, certain lines—say, the anonymity of those in 12-step programs—were never crossed. Until now. In tonight’s Real Housewives of New York reunion, the subject of Ramona "Pinot Grigio" Singer's relationship with her beloved vino comes up yet again. She uses her standard deflections—she’s only promoting Ramona Pinot, she doesn’t drink any more than when she first started the show, most of the scenes document the women at social occasions, she’s a victim of editing—while we see Jill Zarin rolling her eyes and muttering. Then Andy reads out part of Zarin’s blog post from June 4th. “Drinking and promoting alcohol in such an unhealthy way is a terrible image to present as a mother of a 16-year-old,” Cohen reads. “Ramona said she only drinks one to two glasses at dinner? Should I go back through the four years of tape and call out every time she drank without food? She is only lying to herself.” Before anyone can offer a wise word about alcoholism being self-diagnosed, Singer busts out with disingenuous comments about how she respects Zarin, before announcing, “I know at times you had problems, you went to AA, you had an alcoholic problem. But just because you did doesn’t mean I do." Holy anonymity breakage! We’ll have to wait until tonight to see where Zarin takes it from there, but really, does anyone win in the Housewives bottle battle? Here's a clip:

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