Rapper Stitches Invites Women To Snort Cocaine On Stage

By John Lavitt 11/03/14

The Miami-based rapper incurred the wrath of fans and his wife for his unusual offer.


At a recent show at Propaganda, a small Miami club, rapper Stitches crossed the line when he invited four women on stage to snort cocaine with him. In his most famous song, "Brick in Yo Face," Stitches celebrated his passion for both selling and using cocaine, rapping on the Internet, “I love selling blow!” 

As the girls snorted cocaine on stage, Stitches told the crowd it was all real, proclaiming "I got dope money, you think I'm a buy some fake s**t?" Filmmakers Christian Duke and Kyle "Kyote" Oloughlin, were at the show to capture footage for a Gangstas & Thugs documentary about violence in both hardcore and hip-hop, so most of the insanity was caught on camera. 

"He goes out there and has flour wrapped up and is just throwing it everywhere," filmmaker Duke remembers. After he finished a song about selling cocaine to pregnant women, "he brought out a bag and asked who wanted a bump." Four women jumped on stage and took Stitches up on his offer. 

As the crowd mobbed in a wild mosh pit, the rapper’s angry wife, Erica Duarte, jumped onto the stage and put an end the show. Clearly jealous of her husband cavorting with the young girls, she screams off camera, "I'm gonna f**k that b***h up!" 

At the end of the clip, a fan explains what happened, and said that Stitches was "soft" for throwing bags of flour into the crowd instead of actual cocaine. During the show, you can see Stitches throwing huge bags of white powder that clearly looks like flour onto the audience. According to the fan, one of these bags covered an angry bouncer, and the result was the end of the show. 

As opposed to the bags of flour, the cocaine snorted onstage by the female fans appeared to be the real thing. After the outburst by his wife against his drug flirtations, Stitches threw his mic down and went running after her. Video footage shows Stitches following a woman outside the club, saying "Erica" as he begs a filmmaker to turn the camera off.

Propaganda's owner Matthew Krug escorted Stitches to his car as an angry mob closed in. On account of his quick exit, Stitches did not get to attend the meet-and-greet scheduled for after the show, leaving fans angry and disappointed.

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