Rapper DMX Didn’t Smuggle Drugs Into Prison

By Ariel Nagi 07/15/11

But he did fail a drug test, and will get an extra week in prison to think about it.

Ready to hit the studio.
Photo via urbanislandz

He got an extra week added to his sentence, but rapper Earl "DMX" Simmons was not caught smuggling drugs into prison, as earlier reports indicated. Barrett Marson, a spokesperson for the Arizona Department of Corrections, squashed the rumors, telling RapFix: “He did not smuggle drugs into prison. He failed a drug test, I don't know what drugs he took, but that's it. He was due to be released today but will now be released on July 19th.”

The 40-year-old has been at a state prison in Yuma, Arizona, since his probation was revoked last January for failing to submit to drug testing and driving on a suspended license. According to several gossip sites, this isn't the first time the rapper has broken the rules while behind bars. Prison records show he has gotten into trouble with drugs before, and has been disciplined for being disrespectful, disruptive and disorderly. According to Billboard, DMX plans to release a new album once he gets out. He told Vibe magazine, "I realized that [change] is something that I want do this time. Like the last few times I couldn't wait to get out and go have a drink. Now, I'm in a frame of mind where I'm like 'right into the studio and get my grind on.’"

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