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Rachel McAdams "Tripped" on Marijuana

By Bryan Le 04/09/13

The actress says smoking weed as an insomnia cure caused her to hallucinate.

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Stars! They're "just like us"? Photo via

On Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, actress Rachel McAdams talks about getting high for the first time recently, when a Montreal grocer gave her a mysterious "dark green substance" as a sleep aid (video below). When she realized it was marijuana, she said "no, no, no, no, no, no," but at the grocer's insistence, she took the "tiniest little teaspoonful" before bed. Instead of helping her drift off to sleep, the substance apparently had a hallucinatory effect on the actress. “By the time I'm getting to bed, I'm like, my brain, 'What's happening?' I was not thinking normal, human thoughts, I was hallucinating!” she recalls, "and then I started to hear opera for like five hours, this guy singing opera in my head, I was going crazy!” The actress says she returned to the store the next day to complain about her purchase, when she realized the grocer was probably "a stoner!'" Was McAdams really tripping or just high? A study from last year found that marijuana can induce psychosis in certain individuals; also, some synthetic versions of marijuana are known to cause hallucinations.

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