Queen Mum’s Favorite Fat Lady Dishes About Alcoholic Romps

By Kenneth Garger 07/19/11

The former co-star of the BBC cooking hit, The Two Fat Ladies, tells tales out of school.

Two bottles a day for Clarissa (left).
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Clarissa Dickson Wright, recovering alcoholic and former co-star of BBC 2’s hit cooking show The Two Fat Ladies, always knew her program was one of the Queen Mother’s favorites, even before the Queen Mother’s niece, Margaret Rhodes, released her latest book reaffirming Clarissa’s belief. The gregarious Clarissa, who was well known for riding alongside Jennifer Paterson in her motorcycle sidecar, traversing the streets of the UK, recently sat down with Rebecca Hardy of the London Daily Mail. In Wiltshire, South West England, over a cup of tea, Clarissa talked about her lifelong ties to aristocratic circles, and shared stories about her past party-hardy days. Clarissa has been sober for 24 years. In her boozing heyday, when she was hitting it hard, Clarissa was regularly downing two bottles of gin a day—and enjoying a few beers with breakfast. Clarissa, 64, recalls when her promiscuous 20-year-old self got so obliterated that she couldn’t remember which Member of Parliament (MP) she had sex with in the House of Commons. When the Daily Mail asked her who the mystery man was, Clarissa replied: “I’d say like a shot but I was in and out of blackouts during my drinking days.” Clarissa, known for her devotion to strong and bold flavors—often liberally dousing her dishes with “fatty” ingredients—is set to release her newest book, A History of English Food, in October. The book is dedicated to her deceased alcoholic father.

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