Video: Quail and Cocaine Don't Mix, Says Candidate

By McCarton Ackerman 07/20/12

A Wisconsin Senate candidate's ad says the government spent $400,000 to study the effects of coke on the sex life of the Japanese quail.

If Wisconsin Senate candidate Mark Neumann is going to lose his race against his fellow Republicans, he's going out swinging. Currently running third in a four-way Republican race, he's resorted to a touch of drug-related humor in a new campaign ad. "We do need something to catch their attention," he admits. The ad features a "scientist" who says, "I have just administered one gram of cocaine to this quail." Neumann then asks, "Can you believe our federal government spent $400,000 to study the effect of cocaine on the sex habits of Japanese quail? Barack Obama's spending is killing our economy." The politician used humor to go after government spending before, albeit unsuccessfully, during his 1998 Senate run. "It's all part of government study on cow gas," Neumann said in that ad. "You know the kind of gas that comes from a... [sound of cow flatulence]." His 2012 ad arguably falls flat because neither President Obama nor Congress signed off on funding the quail/cocaine/sex research—it was actually approved by the National Institutes of Health.

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