Video: Smoker Terrorizes Pub With Chainsaw

By May Wilkerson 02/13/12

Drinkers in northern England flee as a man who was kicked out for violating the smoking ban wreaks his revenge.

Dean Dinnan re-enters the pub with his
unconventional weapon.
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A drunken maniac who was thrown out of a pub in northern England for violating the smoking ban returned to terrorize his fellow drinkers with a swinging, revving chainsaw—and the video has now been released. Dean Dinnan, 24, was "very much under the influence of alcohol and drugs" on the night of August 5 last year, according to his attorney. He was so enraged at being asked to extinguish his cigarette and escorted out of the Endyke pub in Hull that he came back and menaced the other customers—who fled or defended themselves with bar stools—with his petrol-powered machine. He failed to find the man who'd offended him, but instead severed the tendon of another drinker, who required 21 stitches and six weeks off work. The incident was captured by security cameras and Dinnan has now been sentenced to three years in jail, where smoking is still permitted.

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