Prince of Paraphernalia Blows His Pipes

By Will Godfrey 08/21/11

Pennsylvania cops stumble upon a 62-year-old man's treasure trove of crack pipes—and their colleague's sorely-abused business card.

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A 62-year-old man named William Sandt, from Lower Saucon Township, Pennsylvania, is clearly a connoisseur of crack. A traffic violation caused cops to stop a car in which he was a passenger just before midnight on Thursday. When they discovered crack cocaine on his person, they decided to search his home nearby—where they found no fewer than 32 crack pipes, a collection no doubt lovingly amassed, which will now be separated from its owner. Other finds included three bags used to store heroin, two luxurious-sounding "bronze marijuana smoking devices" and a spoon exhibiting a "white residue." But the awkward atmosphere during the search may have become even more strained when the cops stumbled upon Sandt's piece de resistance: A business card belonging to one of their fellow local officers that was evidently being employed to cut up the drugs—no doubt it provided an extra little kick. Sandt's prospects—which admittedly don't look great, with a summons due for possession of crack cocaine and 37 counts of possession of drug paraphernalia—are nevertheless better than they would have been. Just last month, the US Sentencing Commission voted to reduce crack penalties, to bring them into line with sentences for regular cocaine. And once his present troubles are behind him, Sandt may like to consider a move North—several Canadian cities, including Vancouver, are giving crack pipes away for free and could be just the places to rebuild a treasured collection. 

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