Pot-Infused Sex Lubricant Company Expands to Colorado

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Pot-Infused Sex Lubricant Company Expands to Colorado

By Brent McCluskey 01/22/15

Foria, a 'therapeutic aphrodisiac,' is being used by women of all ages.

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Foria founder Mathew Gerson is spreading the love with his pot-infused sex lubricant Foria.

Gerson, who founded the company in Los Angeles last year, will be taking the THC-based sex lubricant to Aspen, Colorado, and plans to debut the product during the 2015 Winter X-Games.

“I came out to L.A. from Colorado, and I’ve been trying to get back ever since,” Gerson said. “I’m super-excited to be bringing it to Colorado and Native Roots is a good alignment for us.”

While Foria has only been around for the last several months, Gerson says the product has been met with overwhelming success. The “therapeutic aphrodisiac” is being used in California by women of all ages, and soon it will also be available in Colorado. 

“We never could have imagined the impact it’s having on the patient community in California and how it’s spanned the spectrum of users – from younger women who are looking to deepen the level of intimacy of their own bodies to older women who are experiencing a reawakening of their own sexuality,” Gerson said. “There are a large number of women who could benefit from cannabis but who aren’t interested in the psychoactive component.”

While Colorado is the next market on Gerson’s list, he plans to later expand to the state of Washington as well.

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