Drunk Teen Eaten Alive by Piranhas

By Luke Walker 12/07/11

Fueled by alcohol, a young fisherman jumped into an infested river in Bolivia.

Not to be messed with Photo via

An 18-year-old boy was devoured by ravenous fish in Bolivia last week, after jumping from his canoe into the notoriously piranha-infested Yata river while drunk. The victim, said by police to be a local fisherman, had been drinking before the incident and bled to death at the scene. Because he knew the river so well, police suspect his action was suicide. Despite a fearsome, flesh-stripping reputation, piranha attacks on humans are relatively rare. But a recent series of attacks—such as one in Brazil this September, in which 15 swimmers were set upon by a large school of the fish at a popular river beach—may heighten awareness of the dangers.

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