Phoenix Suns' P.J. Tucker Arrested For 'Super Extreme' DUI

By Shawn Dwyer 07/29/14

The team knew about the charges when signing the restricted free agent to a multi-million dollar deal last week.

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Back in May, Phoenix Suns player P.J Tucker was arrested on suspicion of "super extreme DUI" by Scottsdale, Ariz. police, though the charges were kept under wraps until recently. That may have had something to do with Tucker signing a three-year, $16.5 million contract just last week.

On May 10, Tucker, 29, was observed running a stop sign early in the morning near an area of Scottsdale popular for its nightlife. Tucker was pulled over and, according to the police officer, he had "thick and slurred" speech and "watery and bloodshot" eyes.

The officer also noted a "powerful" order of alcohol when he interviewed Tucker, who told him that he had just left the W Scottsdale Hotel after consuming one beer. But during a roadside sobriety test, Tucker stumbled and fell into a nearby construction fence.

Tucker's blood-alcohol content was .201 on the initial breathalyzer when he was pulled over, though later he came up .222 on a subsequent blood test. Arizona has a legal limit of .08. A blood-alcohol level of .15 or higher is considered extreme, and anything .20 or higher is considered super-extreme.

Tucker has been charged with a stop sign violation and DUI, with the super-extreme status of the latter charge carrying a 45-day jail sentence if he's convicted. The Suns stated that they were aware of the charges prior to Tucker signing his contract last week, though the organization declined to comment further until the matter is resolved in court.

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