Pete Doherty's Latest Crack-Up—Now On Video!

By Kirwan Gray 05/20/11

Kate Moss's troubled ex-boyfriend is back in prison again, after he was filmed smoking crack. The woman who recorded the tape died of an overdose the next day.

British musician Pete Doherty, the former boyfriend of supermodel Kate Moss, is back in jail on drug charges, the  Guardian reports. British police said the pickled pop star was caught on video smoking crack cocaine.

The film was recorded by British documentary-maker Robyn Whitehead, a day before she died of a heroin overdose. After viewing the incriminating tape, a London judge decided to send Doherty to the slammer, citing his "appalling record" of drug offenses and his 13 previous court appearances. The video, obtained by the Guardian, shows Doherty, the 32-year-old lead singer of the popular British pop group Babyshambles, using a knife to cut from a ‘white block’ and placing it in a crack pipe, while he was lounging in a friend's apartment last  January. Doherty has endured numerous brushes with the law because of his drug use in the past few years. While he has long been a popular pop-star in England, he won world-wide attention in 2008 when he hitched up with supermodel Kate Moss. The model, who suffered international embarrassment after her own coke video showed up a few years ago, dumped Doherty after his 11th drug-related arrest in 2008. While the musician's lawyer's are attempting to suppress use of Whitehead's video in court, his latest difficulties should come as no surprise to the pop star's posse. As his manager confessed to London's Daily Mail "The only time I can be sure that Pete's not doing crack is when he's in prison or when he's asleep."

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