Palcohol Inventor Says Snorting Powdered Booze Not The Best Idea

By Bryan Le 05/12/14

In a video, Palcohol creator Mark Phillips demonstrated why his product not only won't make it easier to get drunk or snort, it actually makes it harder.

The equivalent of one shot. Photo via

Palcohol has made a huge splash  - or, more appropriately, kicked up a lot of dust - in the minds of the health and safety types who have accused the makers of powdered booze of facilitating underage alcohol-snorting teens smuggling the stuff into schools and concerts.

“It can be sprinkled on food and even snorted..." says New York Senator Charles Schumer (D), who is urging the FDA to ban Palcohol. "What’s to stop a bad individual from sprinkling powdered alcohol into someone’s lunch or dinner when they’re not looking? This can be really dangerous.”

But Palcohol's inventor, Mark Phillips, isn't taking the criticism sitting down.

"It isn't some super-concentrated version of alcohol," Phillips said in his Palcohol myth-busting video. The whole bag of powder, he claimed, is only equivalent to one shot. In other words, all the criticisms leveled at the powdered alcohol - that it's easier to get drunk faster, spike drinks, and smuggle into venues - would be impractical to do with Palcohol's large, gold pouch and much easier to do with already-available mini liquor bottles.

"Because of the alcohol in powdered alcohol, snorting it is very painful, it burns, a lot. It hurts," he said. "It would take about one hour for someone to snort this much powder. Why would anyone choose to spend an hour of pain and misery snorting all of this powder to get one drink in their system?"

See his video below:

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