Oli Sykes 'F***ing' Thanks Fans for Helping His Recovery

By Bryan Le 07/23/14

When receiving an APMA music award, the vocalist of Bring Me The Horizon took the opportunity to thank all those who supported him in his recovery from drug addiction.


Deviating from the typical award acceptance speech, Bring Me the Horizon lead vocalist Oli Sykes thanked all his friends, family, and fans for helping him through his drug addiction while accepting the AMPA award for Album of the Year for Sempiternal.

"I want to say something that I thought I’d actually never talk about. Before we wrote Sempiternal I was a f***ing drug addict. I was addicted to a drug called ketamine; I was on it for years and I was f***ed off my head," the 27-year-old singer said in his fast-paced speech. "My band wanted to kill me, my parents wanted to kill me and my f***ing brother wanted to kill me; everyone wanted to f***ing kill me. But they didn’t. They stood by me, they supported me through all of that s***and we wrote Sempiternal because of it."

Sykes expressed appreciation to all the people who wrote him while he was in rehab even though he told no one that he was seeking treatment.

"No one f***ing knows this but I went to rehab for a month," Sykes said. "And throughout that time, as well as my f***ing band and my family, you guys – you had no f***ing idea that I was in rehab – you were sending me letters, you were sending me texts, you were sending me f***ing emails. And when I got out of rehab I didn’t want to f***ing scream it anymore, I wanted to sing it from the f***ing rooftops."

Sykes concluded with a simple thank you before exiting the stage.

Watch Sykes' acceptance speech below:

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