Obama Gets People High

By Adam K. Raymond 04/19/12

President Obama('s likeness) is on all kinds of drugs.

Yes, we can. Photo via

In November 2008 it wasn't hard to find a bleeding-heart liberal high on President Barack Obama, but the trip didn't last long. After Obama eventually took office, reality set in and much of the euphoria faded. But that doesn't mean everyone has stopped getting high on the president, they're just doing it in different ways—with ecstasy, LSD, heroin and marijuana named after the commander-in-chief. A story in the Observer today reports that there are at least 26 different types of ecstasy named after the president. There's also a highly popular strain of medical marijuana that goes by the name "Obama OG." And heroin? Back in 2009 you could get Obama branded smack in Sullivan County, New York. Then there's the Obama LSD, which you could have gotten your tongue on in December in 2009. Oddly enough, there's one obvious omission from the list of drugs named after Obama—cocaine. After all, it was his drug of choice.

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