Obama Uncle's Drunk Driving Case Takes Strange Turn

By Luke Walker 01/12/12

Now the arresting officer's driving is being scrutinized.

Onyango Obama's nephew provided his
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The tables could turn in the drunk driving case against the president’s uncle, Onyango Obama, who was arrested last August for running a stop sign in Massachusetts, almost colliding with a squad car, and blowing a 0.14 BAC on a breathalyzer. In a bizarre turn of events, Obama’s defense attorneys—hired by the president on behalf of his uncle—are reviewing the driving records of the arresting officer; they're looking for circumstantial evidence that he may have been to blame for the near collision. Officer Val Krishtal claims Onyango Obama was at fault for not coming to a complete stop at a sign, and for being drunk. Obama's attorney, P. Scott Bratton, holds that his client was compliant and had committed no traffic violations—and therefore shouldn't have been pulled over. PO Krishtal was involved in a major collision in March, in which his cruiser was totaled—evidence which will submitted by Obama’s team. “We want to review the record to see if there is a pattern of conduct of bad driving behavior on the part of the arresting officer,” says Bratton. A judge will hear arguments for the case on March 1.

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