NYC Barbershops Busted for Selling Cocaine

By The Fix staff 06/28/13

Undercover NYPD cops buy $45,000 in cocaine and one haircut during an 18-month sting.

One stop for a buzz and a buzzcut.

"If you hang out in a barbershop, you're bound to get a haircut," is an AA-saying, meant to deter recovering addicts from hanging out in bars. But recovering addicts may also be urged to avoid the actual barbershops that were busted by the NYPD for slinging drugs, along with haircuts and shaves. Undercover cops bought nearly $45,000 of cocaine during an 18-month investigation of two haircutting establishments in the Bronx and Brooklyn, authorities report. Most of the buys took place at the Bronx location, where the shop's owner was peddling drugs with help from two of his barbers and a deliveryman. One undercover cop even got a haircut as he waited for his goods, according to the NYPD and city special narcotics prosecutor. The second barbershop, in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, housed a backup supply when the Bronx location ran dry.

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