Non-12-Step Program Added to Rehab Review

By Hunter R. Slaton 07/30/12

With three locations in upstate New York, Saint Jude Retreats is a good choice for substance-abusers who disdain the 12 Steps.

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Saint Jude Retreats' Twin Rivers Retreat,
in Hagaman, NY.
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Today The Fix adds a new non-12-step program, Saint Jude Retreats, to its Rehab Review. Saint Jude Retreats’ three upstate New York locations received an overall three-star rating from their alumni, with three stars for accommodation, four for food and three for treatment. Saint Jude Retreats is the first non-12-step facility in the Northeast to be reviewed by The Fix, and the second featured on the site.

Although many people get sober at rehabs which champion the 12-step method, such programs, with their emphasis on finding a “spiritual solution” to addiction, aren't necessarily for everyone. That’s why The Fix’s unique-in-the-industry Rehab Review offers options for every segment of the population that suffers from substance abuse—including those who have decided that AA and other 12-step-based programs aren't for them. Saint Jude Retreats is an excellent addition, providing several different living arrangements at a variety of price points, from the dorm-style rooms at Saint Jude’s Twin Rivers Retreat, in Hagaman, NY, to the high-end, six-person Executive Retreat, in Florida, NY.

Saint Jude Retreats alumni had positive things to say about their experience. One former resident described her time there as “pragmatic, empowering and effective,” while another characterized it as an “alternative, choice-based program.” He added, “I liked this because 12-step wasn’t for me and it offered me an alternative so I didn’t have to continue to feel helpless.” Devotees and opponents of the 12 Steps alike will surely agree that this is a worthy goal. 

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