Newt Gingrich Claims Ron Paul Supporters Are All Stoners

By Luke Walker 12/22/11

Gingrich goes negative during an interview on a conservative talk radio show.

Gingrich gets hostile. Photo via

Newt Gingrich, who's pledged to keep his candidacy “positive”, slammed Ron Paul during a radio interview, claiming that Paul’s supporters consisted only of “people who want to legalize drugs”—a surprising angle for Gingrich, himself a former pot smoker who proclaimed two weeks ago that the main text of Alcoholics Anonymous, the Big Book, "saved his life." During the interview with conservative commentator John McCaslin, Gingrich suggested that Paul’s base was comprised of pot smoking hippies and degenerates, and then portrayed Paul as a “naïve” statesmen who would allow Iran to bomb Israel and coddle Al-Qaeda. "This is a guy who basically says, if the United States were only nice, it wouldn't have had 9/11," Gingrich said. "He doesn't want to blame the bad guys... And as I said, I think the key to his volunteer base is people who want to legalize drugs."

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