NY Lawyer Claims "Addiction to Lying"

By William Georgiades 05/02/13

An attorney is suspended after his "condition" leads him to forge court documents.

Lying in court is unacceptable. Photo via

New York lawyer and self-described "lying addict" Nathaniel Weisel has been suspended from practicing law for nine months this week, due to his "troubling history of sanctions." The suspension stemmed from an incident in 2009 when Weisel's services were used for a civil action where he failed to file an action and chose to forge the relevant paperwork, along with the signature of his opposing counsel. At the time, Weisel begged forgiveness claiming he suffered from an "addiction to lying." As a reward for admitting his powerlessness over the lure of dishonesty, the court has ordered Weisel to retake the ethics portion of the New York state bar and to "address his pathological behavior" prior to being reinstated. He did tell the truth in admitting the forgery after failing to register, but suggested that as a result of his honesty he should only face public censure, rather than retake the ethics tests. The court overturned his request, stating that Weisel "not only neglected a legal matter and then created a fictitious document with a forged signature of an innocent attorney in order to conceal the neglect from his client, but also failed to mitigate his troubling history of sanctions, warnings and decertification."

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