New Website Livestream Lists All Drug and Alcohol Transactions on Venmo

By McCarton Ackerman 04/08/15

Vicemo has been putting Venmo users' shady dealings online for all to see.

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A hilariously seedy new website is putting Venmo users on blast by livestreaming all of their transactions which involve alcohol, drugs, and sex.
Vicemo is using specific search terms related to these three areas to pull up all relevant transactions on Venmo, a mobile payment app and social network that allows users to both send and receive money for services. Venmo users can set their transactions to friends-only or private, but of course, many have neglected to do this and the items they’re paying for have become public knowledge.

Vicemo developers Mike Lacher and Chris Baker succinctly summed up their motivation for building their livestream site, admitting that “we thought it would be funny to see who's publicly posting about buying drugs, booze and sex.”
However, the livestream does come with some flaws. A Venmo user who lists “coke” as a purchase for Coca-Cola would have their transaction made public on Vicemo, while some payments listed are simply too outrageous to be real. One listed transaction was for “oral pleasure ... through breakfast food,” while another sent payment was for “hella weed and hella puppies.”
The transactions made on several other websites throughout the “Dark Web” are genuinely drug-related, though. Last September, the Digital Citizens Alliance reported that black market bazaar Agora now has more product listings than Silk Road at its peak, with 16,137 products for sale. Unlike Silk Road, which focused exclusively on drug transactions, Agora users can also sell several categories of weapons that include semi-automatic firearms. The fact that users can only sign up with invite codes has also proved to be a winning point.
Earlier this month, Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht was found guilty on all charges against him including drug conspiracy, money laundering and trafficking, among others. He could potentially receive a sentence of life in prison.

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