"Buddy Cup" Links Drinkers on Facebook

By Bryan Le 04/30/13

Budweiser's new invention automatically updates your "friend" count with a clink of the glass.

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Drink your way to popularity.

"Social drinking" has received an upgrade. For those who can't bother with the hassle of manually adding their newest drinking buddies as Facebook "friends," a new digital beer glass can connect new friends automatically when they simply clink their drinks together. The "Buddy Cup," launched by Budweiser Brazil, contains a built-in chip integrated with Facebook, so when the cups knock together, their owners instantly become virtual friends and a public message is posted on the "walls" of both users. The company's commercial for the new product features drinkers delightedly tapping cups together, with the dubious tagline: “The more Buds, the more friends.” According to a spokesman at Agencia Africa, the company that invented the glass, "the 'Buddy Cup' is another idea bringing the brand even closer to its consumers and opening new levels of interaction for them.” The company knows its market: Heavy alcohol use has been linked to heavy Facebook use. No word yet on the invention of a hangover remedy that instantly de-friends people you don't remember meeting.

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