Video: MMJ Dispensary's Dr. Seuss Plea

By Bryan Le 01/31/13

Faced with shutdown by the feds, the Harborside Health Center makes an unusual appeal.

Steve DeAngelo in the story, twin braids and
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The Lorax may speak for the trees and Sam I Am may be partial to his green food, but that's as close as Dr. Seuss' stories have come to marijuana...until Harborside Health Center made its new Seuss-inspired pro-pot video book [below]. Embroiled in a conflict with the federal government and facing potential shutdown, the high-profile dispensary makes a plea to President Obama with The Haag by “Dr. Geuss.” In the story, the Haag—Grinch-like counterpart to US Attorney for the Northern California District Melinda Haag—takes the “flowers” away from happy patients who once smoked them among the “cannabis trees.” At the happy ending, Steve DeAngelo, head of Harborside Health Center, finally convinces Obama to protect MMJ patients. “I pledge to offer protection to everyone who is in need. And, you know, I am no stranger to the magic of this weed,” says Dr. Geuss' Obama. “Haag, you're abusing your power, I heard everything you said. I hereby end your appointment and make you smoke a spliff instead.” Would Dr. Seuss approve? Though Seuss was known to be a “liberal Democrat,” he never spoke about legalizing marijuana. Dr. Andrew DeAngelo, director of operations at Harborside, explains that Dr. Seuss' motif was chosen because his work reflects "the childlike quality that should be a part of our adult lives" that cannabis restores. 

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