Video: "Muslim Patrol" Harasses Boozing Brits

By Bryan Le 01/18/13

Hooded men patrol London, hounding drinkers and women in the name of Islamic law.

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Muslim organisations have condemned the
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A gang of self-proclaimed Islamic vigilantes has taken it upon itself to crack down on Britain's enthusiastic boozing—using tactics that leave much to be desired. Hooded men calling themselves the "Muslim Patrol" have been harassing members of the public in London, demanding that they give up the "forbidden evil" of alcohol, and asking women to cover up their bodies. They've filmed some of their activities and uploaded them to YouTube, creating a stir online. In one of these videos, titled "The Truth About Saturday Night" [below], a group member confronts a confused drinker on the street, telling him: “This is a Muslim area, obviously no alcohol is allowed in this area. So unfortunately for you we're going to have to take your alcohol.” The video also shows the gangsters harassing women, calling them "naked animals with no self-respect." The group members call themselves “vigilantes implementing Islam on your own necks!” But official Muslim groups have denounced their behavior, saying it is in no way representative of Islam. The head of the Muslim Council of Britain, Ibrahim Mogra, says: "these hateful and inciteful views that have been expressed by a number of people on that video are not views that are held by the vast majority of British Muslims."

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