Video: Drug Dealer Murders Two Over $40 Pill Debt

By Jason Gotlieb 12/06/11

Both the victims and their attacker were patients at a recently raided Florida pain clinic.

Lede admits killing two fellow painkiller
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A dispute over a $40 pill prescription pill debt has resulted in  a gruesome double murder. Craig Lede, 40, admits battering 28-year-old Dana Nelson and 29-year-old John Ketsemidis to death with a baseball bat in Spring Hill, Florida, because he was "tired of being screwed with." The young couple owed Lede $40 for prescription pills. All three were known addicts, and patients of the nearby Hope Pain Management Clinic; it was raided and shut down by HCSO deputies a month ago, with one employee cuffed and led away. The couple went to Lede's house Friday in order to discuss their debt—but he apparently became "enraged," pulled a bat on them and beat them to death, before taking photos of the dead bodies as a "trophy." Police found the corpses in Lede's garage, after pinpointing their location through the ankle monitoring bracelet that was attached to Ketsemidis on account of his probation. Nelson's body had been placed in Lede's trunk, and he apparently ran errands with her on board. "Although we cannot link this heinous and senseless crime directly to the abuse of prescription drugs," says Sheriff Al Nienhuis, "there is little doubt that it significantly contributed to the deaths of these two young people. This is a perfect example that prescription drug abuse is not a victimless or a non-violent crime."

Gruesome discovery in Spring Hill home :

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