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If you’ve looked for rehab for yourself or someone else before, chances are you’ve desperately combed through dozens of websites with the hopes of finding a recovery center that actually works. If drug rehab centers all look and sound the same, it’s because many of them are. Most treatment centers follow the 12-step model, with total lockdown in a retreat-like setting. Perhaps you or your loved one has been to one of these places already, or like many of our clients, upwards of five or ten. The revolving door of unsuccessful rehabilitation with traditional treatment is both infuriating and disheartening.

Morningside Recovery is different. Our program radically differs from the typical model of 12-Step work plus isolation in an artificial environment. Hiding from reality doesn’t teach people how to face it. That’s why we created our regulated open-model of recovery. Rather than run from real life, we give clients the tools to healthfully function within it. In addition to our core daily support network, we assess clients individually in order to customize treatment through a broad range of programs and experiential therapies. At Morningside Recovery locations throughout Orange County, California, you can attend classes at a local college, work part-time, have your cellphone, and be visited by family as often as you’d like. In other words, you are as close to real life as you can get, with the help of a comprehensive recovery plan tailored to your specific needs.

In this model, Morningside utilizes a therapeutic staff comprised wholly of Masters and Doctorate level clinicians. This differs greatly from most treatment centers, which are generally staffed by drug and alcohol counselors with significantly fewer hours of education in the psychological issues that impact addiction. It is this highly qualified clinical team in conjunction with a unique and extensive experiential program that makes Morningside Recovery the leader in dual-diagnosis treatment. With the ability to not only treat an individual’s current addiction and mental health state, but the underlying trauma and other disorders that often go hand-in-hand with addiction, Morningside has created one of the most successful dual-diagnosis programs in the world. | Speak with a Counselor: (866) 387-5775

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