Mobile Addicts on the Rise, According to Data Study

By Shawn Dwyer 04/24/14

The data analytics company, Flurry, has found a triple-digit increase in the percentage of mobile addicts in the past year alone.

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According to a data study conducted by Flurry, the number of mobile addicts has grown 123 percent over the last year. A mobile addict is defined by Flurry as a user who launches an app more than 60 times per day, or six times more than the average user.

Flurry looked at data from over 500,000 apps on some 1.3 billion devices, and as of March 2014 found that there were 176 million addicts, which was up from 79 million the previous year. Fifty-two percent were women identified under the categories of mothers, parents, gamers, and sports fans. The males were labeled car fans, parents, gamers, and catalog shoppers.

Most of those identified as mobile addicts are teens, college students, and middle-aged parents, though the last group made up for only 28 percent of mobile addicts. “We were not surprised by teens being part of the group. Their youth coincided with the mobile revolution – they are not just accustomed to mobile, they expect their mobile device to handle nearly every type of task and communication,” said Simon Khalaf, chief executive of Flurry, in a blog post.

"The same is true for college students who are noticeably avid users of messaging and gaming apps,” Khalaf continued. “They have just entered the workforce, are predominantly single and are likely out and about more often than older and younger segments.”

Flurry monitors over 150 billion app sessions per month, with 90 percent of worldwide activity coming from smartphones and tablets. China leads the international market with 330 million devices per month, with the United States coming in second at 295 million per month.

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