Missouri Sheriff Caught Selling Meth: Nobody is Surprised

By Kirwan Gray 04/21/11

Carter County, Missouri, was a clean county in the midst of meth country under sheriff Tommy Adams. Now we know why.

No appetite for enforcement.
Photo via punchingkitty

The Missouri Ozarks are prime meth country. And maybe we just don’t understand the way they do things down there, but for years, Missouri led the nation in the number of meth-lab busts within its borders until Tennessee took over top honors in 2010. Perhaps it’s the iconic nature of the Ozark hillbilly and the alcohol still hidden back in the woods that affords some background to the endless meth busts and arrests in Missouri, the Show-Me-Your-Drug-Money State. However, as Jim Salter reported for AP, there was always one Missouri County that seemed suspiciously immune to much of the meth madness. Carter County was a clean county under sheriff Tommy Adams, and for more than two years, it stayed that way. But as anyone who has ever watched an episode of Justified would have been able to guess, Sheriff Tommy’s own meth habit put the damper on his zeal for law enforcement in this one crucial respect. Adams, 31, allegedly snorted meth with an informant at his remote cabin. He was arrested and charged with meth distribution, and as of yesterday was being held on $250,000 bond. “I think it’s pretty sad,” said a local resident. “You’ve got someone who’s sheriff riding around high on meth with a gun. It’s pretty scary.”

With scant experience, Adams ran for sheriff in a bizarre 2008 contest against a heavily favored incumbent, who died when it was too late for the Democrats to replace him. In the ensuing election, Adams beat his opponent’s corpse by a single vote.

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