Missouri Duo Allegedly Posted Selfie With Dead Friend After Drug Overdose

By McCarton Ackerman 09/04/14

Chelsie Berry and Jared Prier posed with their dead friend and tried to dump his body.

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Chelsie Berry. Photo via

A Southwest Missouri duo is awaiting trial after allegedly posing for a selfie next to the body of their friend who died of a drug overdose.

Chelsie Berry, 24, and Jared Prier, 26, are being held in Newton County Jail on $50,000 bond after being charged with voluntary manslaughter and abandonment of a corpse in the death of 30-year-old Dennis Meyer. He reportedly died on August 21 due to an overdose of the painkiller Dilaudid.

Berry told police that after Meyer injected himself with the Dilaudid, he “started acting 'crazy' by pulling his penis out and saying strange things." Concerned by his behavior, she called Prier and the trio drove to a convenience store, where they discovered Meyer had stopped breathing when they had returned from purchasing items.

But rather than call an ambulance, she and Prier posed for a selfie with the body in the car. The pair allegedly drove around “looking for a place to dump the body” before settling on a rural Newton County driveway. Berry said she was afraid to call for help because she and Prier were high on meth and Xanax at the time, but of course that didn’t stop them from posting their morbid selfie to Facebook.

This isn’t the first time a similar incident has taken place. Nineteen-year-old Dylan Owens passed away last October after three of his friends injected him with heroin and later posted photos of his dead body to Facebook. Despite three people being present at the time, only 22-year-old Maddison Rogers was charged with a crime in the form of involuntary manslaughter.

"There were three people there, there were three people involved and they should all pay for what they did to Dylan,” said his mother, Tina Owens. “I don't know why they would do that, I don't know why they'd be so callous and cruel and heartless. Dylan would have my back and I want to have his and I just want justice."

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