Paid Advertising Blog: A Mission of Mindfulness

By The Fix staff 06/18/14

Early in sobriety, I was told to practice meditation to “improve my conscious contact” with the God of my understanding, but the truth is, I was still so self-serving that the best I could do was a bit of deep breathing, just enough to calm me down before I set out again to claim what was “mine.” Over time, my meditation practice deepened: I learned to not chase my thoughts, to think before I spoke, and to rein in my impulses - but it still took a little bit longer before the focus of that practice was about others, and not just about me.

Fortunately, as my sobriety became more about service and less about self, my meditation evolved too. I finally looked forward to the chance to sit, to calm my mind enough to discover how to grow in love and usefulness.

And with that intention in mind, I started to be very mindful of my thoughts, speech, and actions, to notice when I was quick to anger and slow to forgiveness, when I was selfish, fearful, jealous, and proud. And in the face of those afflictions, I resolved to take a more loving, helpful approach to life, the best I could, on any given day.

Head to Heart is a collection of those moments of mindfulness: the day-to-day opportunities and myriad ways we can take to purify our intentions, release our selfish attachments, and develop our talents for the sake of whom we might serve. They are “meditations on the move,” practical applications of our innate wisdom and gifts, and with them comes an unshakable sense of calm, joy, and clarity of who we are and the wondrously positive difference we can make in the world.

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