Michigan Woman Faces Jail After Bragging About 'Beating' Breathalyzer Test

By McCarton Ackerman 04/02/14

Colleen Cudney could wind up in jail for three months for revealing that she violated the terms of her probation with a status update.

Colleen "Dumbass" Cudney. Photo via

A Michigan woman’s need to over-share on Facebook could potentially land her in jail for the next three months.

Colleen Cudney, 22, was due in court on Tuesday after bragging about “beating” a breathalyzer test in a Facebook status update. She is currently forbidden from drinking as part of the terms of her probation for a 2012 drunken driving conviction.

Cudney took and passed the test after St. Patrick’s Day, but then let everyone know how she managed to cheat the system. “Buzz killer for me,” she wrote. “I had to breathalyze this morning and drank yesterday but I passed thank god lol my [email protected]@.” Cudney’s Facebook post was particularly ill-advised because her probation was scheduled to end in just a few weeks.

The status update led to several negative comments from her friends on the social media site. "I hope they throw the book at you young lady,” wrote Anita Brown, a resident of Oak Park. “it's sad that you did something like that because you could hurt someone or kill someone.”

A Westland police officer saw the post and immediately notified the probation office. When Cudney’s probation officer ordered her to return to the office and provide a urine sample, she violated her probation by hanging up the phone and not complying with the order. If convicted, Cudney could spend 93 days in jail.

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