Michael Cera Drinks Mescaline for Crystal Fairy

By McCarton Ackerman 07/12/13

The actor describes his onscreen mescaline experience for his upcoming movie.

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Michael Cera didn't have any fake drugs on the set of his upcoming movie, Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus. His character in the film, Jamie, is on a quest in search of a slice of the famed hallucinogenic San Pedro cactus. Cera describes ingesting mescaline on camera with co-star Gaby Hoffman. "We drank the San Pedro, yeah. We do it on camera," he tells Huffpost Live. "When we drink it in the movie... it was actual drugs." Cera says he didn't feel any effects from the mescaline, but director Sebastián Silva confirms that Hoffman "lost her shit." Silva also admits to trying San Pedro and other similar hallucinogens and says that Jamie's reaction in the movie—in which he stares fixated at his hands and a crab—is fairly accurate to the effect the drug can have. "If you don't do crazy amounts, that's pretty much how you feel," says Silva. "You're a little more sensitive to things. You sort of see the simple things again. You're sort of reborn." Cera says that despite having limited experiences with hallucinogens, playing his character was not a difficult stretch: "There's a crab there and it's a fantastic thing for him to be looking at. It was pretty clear." Check out the interview below:

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