Michael Bay to Produce Cocaine Trade Drama for TNT

By Shawn Dwyer 09/22/14

The blockbuster director will partner with producer Jerry Bruckheimer to make a 1970s-set cocaine trade drama with Masters of Sex creator Michelle Ashford.

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After years of trying, director Michael Bay and producer Jerry Bruckheimer have finally received a pilot episode for their untitled cocaine drama.

The pilot was picked up by TNT and will be written by Michelle Ashford, creator and executive producer of Masters of Sex, a Showtime series that explores changing sexual mores in the 1960s. The Bay-Bruckheimer series will delve into the Wild West cocaine trade in Miami circa 1978.

Bay and Bruckheimer were originally inspired by the 2006 documentary, Cocaine Cowboys, which detailed the exploding drug trade in Miami in the 1970s and 1980s amidst a drastic rise in violent crime, as gangs and drug cartels flooded the streets with cocaine. After that project stalled, Bay and Bruckheimer worked with Ashford in 2011 on another incarnation of the series slated for HBO, but once again the pilot was trapped in development hell.

But the Bay-Bruckheimer series isn't the only Hollywood project delving into the Miami cocaine wars. Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg are currently making a film version, American Desperado, which is based on the true story of Jon Roberts, a Vietnam veteran who dealt billions of dollars of cocaine to the Medellín drug cartel and wound up spending 10 years in prison.

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