Master P Accuses Estranged Wife of Using Drugs Near Children

By McCarton Ackerman 05/05/14

Sonya Miller wants $67 million in their divorce, but both the hip hop legend and his son say that she is a drug addict.

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The very public divorce battle between rapper Master P and his estranged wife Sonya Miller is reaching new lows.

Miller is requesting $67 million of the rapper’s $180 million net worth in the divorce proceedings, but he responded by accusing of her being a drug addict who's used illicit substances near their children. Those accusations were also echoed by his son, fellow rapper Romeo. Master P offered to help Miller seek treatment for her alleged drug problem, but didn’t specify which drugs she was using.

“Drugs is really killing a lot of families. I’m not going to let it destroy my family,” he said. “She can have it all if she gets herself together. It’s about these kids. It’s about our family.” Master P has seven children in total, four of them with Miller.

The rapper also alluded to his younger children struggling academically as a result of her drug use. “I just want to see her get it together, and be a parent for these kids,” he said. “I don’t want my kids to be able to make bad grades. I want her to get it together. Nothing else.” To highlight his point, Master P posted a video with his seven children and asked them which parent they would prefer to live with; all but one daughter picked him.

Miller has since denied using drugs and said Master P has manipulated their children by turning them against her. "When I filed for divorce, that's when he came and took my kids," she alleged. "I was the one dealing with and raising those seven kids when he was running the streets." She also told reporters last month that she was on welfare and struggled to provide adequately for their children, which Romeo denied by declaring she “lives in a guard-gated community and drives luxury vehicles.”

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