Maryland Couple Used Troop Donations to Support Drug Habit

By McCarton Ackerman 06/03/14

This wasn't the first time David Michalski and Amanda Miskimon scammed charitable people into believing they were supporting a good cause.

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Two Maryland natives were arrested over the weekend for collecting bogus “Support Our Troop Foundation” donations for months in order to fuel their drug habit.

Matthew David Michalski, 25, and Amanda Ashley Miskimon, 21, were soliciting donations at a Giant supermarket in the town of Glen Burnie, when one of the donors grew suspicious and asked for a flier about the group. He stood in front of Michalski and Miskimon as he dialed the number on the flier and after noticing that one of the collector’s pockets began to ring, hung up and called police. Glen Burnie authorities arrived on the scene and spoke with Miskimon, but Michalski had already fled with the collection jar.

Authorities contacted the Support Your Troops Foundation, and were told the two collectors didn’t represent the organization and weren’t authorized to collect money on their behalf. The suspects admitted they had fraudulently collected donations to support their drug habit on several other occasions and eventually turned over the collection jar. They were both charged with fraud-misrepresenting fundraising, trespassing, and theft.

Last April, a British woman was sentenced to three years in jail for conning unsuspecting victims out of several thousand dollars that they thought were going towards cancer research, but instead went to fund her drug habit. Samantha Davies, 40, had 22 previous charges of deception or fraud to her name. She had previously spent 16 months in jail for fraudulently claiming to have collected money for a local hospice; her attorney said at the recent sentencing that she had written apology letters to the charities she swindled and that her “drug addiction…often skewed her moral compass.”

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