Marilyn Manson: Drugs Keep Me Healthy

By Gabrielle Wuhl 07/16/12

"My body is a place where drugs and alcohol have made germs afraid to live," claims the rock star.

"I don't expect [people] to understand me."
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That shrinking violet Marilyn Manson continues living up to his outlandish reputation—now claiming that drugs and booze are the reason his body is healthy and germ-free. In a new interview with the Observer magazine, the 43-year-old discusses insecurities, drug and alcohol use, romantic relationships and even potential fatherhood. According to Manson, he's so proud of being a "demented genius" that he may be ready to start a family with girlfriend Lindsay Usich, so that their little one can "set fire and breathe profanity." He's even more inflammatory regarding his seemingly clean health, for which he credits years spent using drugs and alcohol. "My body is a place where drugs and alcohol have made germs afraid to live," he claims. "I have no health problems to speak of, touch wood." The eccentric singer has famously experimented and written songs about illegal substances, such as "Dope Show" and "I Don't Like the Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)." He also disputes the accuracy of his reputation as a fetish-crazed sex maniac: "I think I would laugh nervously in the face of a threesome," he says. "I'm shy. I'm the kind of person who turns the lights out." 

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