Man Takes Shots at White House, Hangover May Last a Lifetime

By Luke Walker 11/18/11

A 21-year-old with a history of drug- and alcohol-related arrests can expect no quarter if he's found guilty of trying to kill the president with an assault rifle.

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Hernandez-Ortega was arrested Wednesday.
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Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, the 21-year-old who apparently processed his frustrations with the government by taking shots at the White House Friday—and we don’t mean tequila—faces an attempted assassination charge. The accused shooter, who has a history of drug and alcohol related arrests and allegedly suffers from paranoid delusions, was apprehended yesterday. Pennsylvania state cops, acting on a tip from the Secret Service, found him hiding out in a hotel near Indiana, Pa. Authorities claim evidence links Ortega-Hernandez to the implicated assault rifle, found in an abandoned car. New Secret Service info suggests he fired two shots across the White House lawn with his sites set on the executive quarters; one bullet made contact with the executive building, fracturing bullet-proof glass in a window of the First Family’s living quarters. Ortega-Hernandez is connected to several radical conservative groups, including a neo-Nazi sect, and is claimed to have a violent obsession with President Obama. Investigators say he frequently referred to Obama as “the Anti-Christ” to friends, saying that he “needed to kill him” and was “convinced the federal government is conspiring against him.” It seems almost certain that any treatment this deluded man receives for his history of substance use will be in jail.

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