Man Swims in Ocean for Seven Hours to Avoid Drug Arrest

By Bryan Le 06/25/13

California police finally capture a wanted drug felon with help from a "special dive team."

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Committed to not getting committed.
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How far would you go to avoid arrest? A California man wanted for felony drug charges went all the way out to sea, finally surrendering on Monday after a seven-hour swim. After police approached John Michael White, 46, on Sunday night, he reportedly stripped off his clothes and made a beeline for the ocean. Authorities say he seemed to be "high on drugs." White spent almost the entire night wading in the salt water surrounded by police officers, lifeguards, the Coast Guard and the Navy Shore Patrol. Apparently unable to nab him from the shore or from their boats, authorities were finally able to subdue and arrest him with the help of a special dive team. He now faces the additional charge of resisting arrest on top of his already-existing felony drug charges.

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